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From The Society of Cosmetic Scientists

RDG North 1/2 Day Event – It’s a Micro-Bug’s Life

“It’s a Micro-bug’s Life!” – Exploring issues around product protection and an insight into our microbiome and its importance in ageing skin.

Lunch and refreshments included

Join our four expert speakers to explore the issues around preservation and learn more about the importance of our microbiome in skin ageing.  The speaker presentations will be followed by a panel discussion where attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and have direct discussions with the experts.

Speakers and Lectures

Regulation of Preservatives

Caroline Rainsford (CTPA)

This presentation will look at the role of preservatives in cosmetic and personal care products and how preservatives are regulated in the EU and UK, including the challenges that this regulatory framework can present to the maintenance of a wide palette of preservatives.  It will explore the importance of communicating the essential nature of preservatives to regulators, consumers and the media and the work that the European industry is doing in this space.
The Challenges of Preservative Efficacy Testing

Liam Stephens (Melbec Microbiology)

Liam will review the challenges of microbiological testing in the development and production of cosmetic products, which microorganisms to use, which test methods and what to do if there are problems on plant!

Preservation Boosters to Support Balanced Product Protection

Sally Reynolds (Clariant)
Sally will explore the reduced palette of Annex V preservatives and how other multifunctional ingredients can be used to help with the protection of cosmetic products.

Skin ageing and the microbiome: What we know and what we need

Rachel Williams (Centre for Skin Science, The University of Bradford)

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is home to a community of microbiota which generally live in harmony with us. This specialised, diverse community exists on all skin sites and provides a protective microbe shield against infection. Our ‘skin microbiome’ is therefore very important to our health and wellbeing from birth to old age. The skin changes with age and this varies according to the body site with skin thinning, dryness, and changes in natural oils. Evidence shows that microbial communities also alter through our lifetime. This talk will discuss: the role of the microbiome within skin ageing, what is missing in the field, and how the SMiHA network is coming together to better understand the role of the microbiome in skin ageing and translate this to better ageing outcomes for the public.