What is a
Cosmetic Scientist?

Cosmetic Scientists are involved in the research and development of cosmetics, hair care, perfumery and toiletry products, ensuring not only that they do what they are intended to but above all that they are safe to use for the consumer.

Although science-based, this job requires a lot of creativity, an eye for colour and a nose for smell. You’ll find yourself working across multiple departments, including marketing and production, so there is never a dull moment.


Our Courses in Cosmetic Science


Introduction to Cosmetic Science

This course is designed for people who do not have academic qualifications in scientific subjects, such as chemistry, but who are interested in the fundamentals of cosmetic science for either their work or as a consumer.

“I have very much enjoyed working with the SCS team to develop this fantastic new course. It took several years and a real team effort to create a course that is accessible to everyone, both inside and outside the industry, who is curious about the cosmetic products they use everyday.”

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Lorna Radford

Managing Director, Enkos Developments