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1. Can I follow the course over two years?

Yes. If you decide to complete the course this way then you must let the Education Administrator know in writing by 21 July before the examinations in September.  Any course work that is completed within the first year has its marks carried over to the next academic year.  There will be a small fee payable of £50.00 for deferring your examinations for a year.

2. How do I pay for the course?

Complete the application form and once your application has been accepted, the Society will issue an invoice. The invoice must paid in full before any module access codes can be provided.  We can arrange that you pay in three termly instalments but there is a small extra administration charge added to the bill.

3. What work must be submitted for marking?

The only work that has to be submitted for marking is the four pieces of coursework which are despatched with deadlne dates provided for submission.  The dates can be found on the course calendar.  This coursework consists of two essays and two case studies. 

4. What other assistance is given to students?

We run two Laboratory Days in March at the London College of Fashion.  We also run a Summer School over a weekend July and can allocate you a mentor if you need one.  The mentor will be an industry professional who wll be able to offer up to two 30 minute sessions by skype or a phone call and will be arranged directly between them and the student. If you have any queries about any aspect of the course please contact the Education Administrator who will put you in touch with someone who can clarify any technical points.

5. I live in South America. Can I become a student on the SCS Diploma in Cosmetic Science course?

Yes, of course, if you meet the entry requirements. All the materials that you need to study for the course can be found online and you can contact the Education Administrator at any time by email. The course has been designed to be self-instructional, self-contained and not dependent upon a teacher for elaboration or explanation but additional help is always available if needed via the Education Administrator.

Over the last few years we have had students from:-

 Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Latvia, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, Croatia, Malaysia, Philippines, United States of America, Trinidad, Dominica, Switzerland. Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Singapore, Belgium, Poland,Thailand, Dubai, Canada, Mexico and South Africa as well as the UK.

6. I do not have time to follow the whole course. Can I buy part of it?

No, you can not buy part of the course.  It is recommended that you consider enrolling on the course by completing the application form online.  The Education Committee will decide whether you have the suitable qualifications to join the course.  Once you have been accepted onto the course as a student, you will be able to take coursework and exams.  You can remind yourself of the Entry Requirements as this level of qualification will be required in order to understand the course.

7. When are the fees payable?

Full fees are to be paid in advance when you are accepted onto the course.  All fees must be paid by the end of August in the year of your enrolment. 

8. Where may I sit my exams?

The course ends with four two hour written exams held the September after you enrol on the course.  Exams are held every year in London or we make arrangements for you to sit them at college/facility near to where you live that offers an external exam service.  Over the years we have established contacts with many overseas colleges or British Council offices in cities around the globe that offer professional exam services.

9. What are the course fees?

Please click on Course Details on the home page and you will find a list of our current course fees.

10. What further study can I follow after I have passed the Diploma

If a student passes the Diploma with a merit or distinction pass and they already hold a good science degree they may apply to the London College of Fashion and join their MSc in Cosmetic Science programme.

11. Is the SCS Diploma recognised in the industry?

Yes, the SCS Diploma is a recognised within the UK Cosmetic Science Industry.

12. What are the enrolment dates?

You can enrol on the SCS Distance Learning Course from January onwards.  Enrolment will close on 15 August of the academic year.  This is to allow a sufficient amount of time to ensure all students have their access codes before commencement of the course in early September.

13. Can I enrol on the course if I do not have the pre-requisites?

You can complete an application form to enrol on the course and the decision for applications is made by the Education Committee.  The pre-requisites for the course are compulsory and must be met before you will be considered for enrolment. All decisions are final.  It is important that you provide all supporting information within your application form.

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