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Continuous assessment is provided by four pieces of coursework comprising two essays and two case studies.

Final assessment takes the form of four formal two hour examination papers covering all the modules of the course.  These exams will require the student to attend an approved exam centre which is arranged by the Education Administrator for each student and must be sat during the same exam period of an academic year (September). A deferral student may not decide to divide the exams between years.  You are given past copies of the examination papers so that you can see the style of the paper and examples of typical questions.


The Hibbott Memorial Prize is awarded to the student, who completes the course within one year, with the highest overall mark after the examinations.

There is also a prize for the best essay submitted as an assignment. The essay is published in SPC magazine.

Dr H W Hibbott was President of the Society in 1960 and 1961 and the memorial prize is awarded in his honour.