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Course Content

The course is a modular format with units written and assessed by industry experts covering the following:

  • Foundations in chemistry, physiology, biochemistry and microbiology
  • Key functional roles of development, production, packaging and marketing
  • Vital auxiliary services such as stability testing, microbial preservation, quality assurance, legislation, safety assessment, performance evaluation and market research
  • Specific product categories such as hair, skin and oral care, colour cosmetics, aerosols and perfumes

There are four modules, some of which are accompanied by short videos on either laboratory work or aspects of production; both are areas that cannot fully be captured by the written word .  You can see the full list of subjects in the course prospectus.

The first module introduces students to the basic sciences together with raw materials and safety in the workplace.

In Modules Two and Three the emphasis is on formulation and manufacture, how to correctly make a cosmetic and toiletry. It includes hair products (shampoos etc), skin products (moisturisers,creams etc), cleansing agents (shampoos, bubble baths, etc) and decorative cosmetics (lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations etc)  together with production and packaging.

The final part is concerned more with use of the finished product and includes legislation and product safety. It also considers the marketplace, environmental impact, marketing issues, consumer research, product evaluation, statistics and claim support.

All course material is the intellectual property of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. It is for the sole use of the named student who has been accepted onto the course and paid in full. Access must not be shared or given to another person. No course material should be copied or used other than for the purpose of completion of the SCS Distance Learning Course.